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UU World, the magazine of the Unitarian Universalist Association, celebrates liberal religion and the people it inspires. The magazine descends from a long line of Unitarian and Universalist publications going back two centuries: Universalist Magazine was founded in 1819 and the Unitarian Christian Register in 1821.

Starting in September 2020, the print magazine will be published twice a year, in September and March. Meet extraordinary individuals, see how Unitarian Universalist communities put their values into action, and explore the ideas and traditions that ground them.

The website offers free access to print magazine content, along with online-only articles, expanded news coverage, and audio recordings of selected articles.

Members of Unitarian Universalist congregations in the United States receive a print subscription as a benefit of membership, thanks to the generosity of congregations to the Annual Program Fund. Others may purchase a subscription. UU World is produced by the UUA’s Periodicals Office.