Welcome – we’re glad you found us!

"Unitarian Universalists have said for centuries that there is room in our religion for all seekers. Skeptics and poets and scientists are welcome here, as are nonconformists and shy and uncertain folk. We believe that restlessness and doubts are a sign of grace, that the love of truth is the holiest of gifts."       ~ Rev. Barbara Merritt

We are an open and loving community, and everyone is welcome, no matter what your religious background, ethnicity or sexual orientation might be. By continuing to meet criteria set by the UUA, our congregation is recognized as a “Welcoming Congregation” that "affirms and promotes the inherent worth and dignity of every human being."  

We'd love to meet you in person, at our spiritual home in Laguna Beach.  Our services start at 11am PST every Sunday morning.  We meet in-person and via Zoom on Sunday mornings.  

Getting Connected.  The best way to connect with us is here on the website, where you can check our calendar and sign up for our news emails; or, on our Facebook page.  

What are Sunday Services like?  For the time being, our one-hour services are held every Sunday morning at 11:00am on Zoom. We open the meeting at 10:45am, and everyone is welcome to drop in and say hello. Our 'Virtual Cafe' begins immediately following most Services.

Worship time includes many of the same traditional activities found in other religious congregations, along with some that might be new to you. Little by little, as we’ve continued to get the hang of our new medium, we’ve been adding more of the features we’re accustomed sharing in our Laguna sanctuary.  

Members of our Worship Committee guide us through the different parts of the service. We begin by lighting the Chalice, the symbol chosen to represent our faith. We share responsive readings and a brief meditation; there may be a video or slide show related to the service theme.

And we love to sing! Syncing voices on Zoom is a big challenge, so we’ve mostly left the audible singing to our Music Director, Carole Cole (live from her living room!) while the rest of us sing quietly at home (muted!).  

The focus of worship is a sermon by our Minister Rev. Lee Marie Sanchez; a guest minister; a lecture from one of our Worship Leaders; or, a guest speaker. In our building, we provide assisted listening devices. The fourth Sunday of each month is usually devoted to a current social justice issue.

When in our building, we conclude by gathering in a big circle, hands held, for our closing song, "Let There Be Peace on Earth (And Let It Begin With Me)". The Chalice is extinguished, and we stay on for coffee and conversation, and treats provided by our members. While on Zoom, everyone is welcome to stay for our Virtual Café’, though we do miss donuts from Jean, and cookies from Paul, and Tina's new recipes.

What about kids?  Children are always warmly welcomed, though, at the present time, we do not have a separate religious education program for young people. We do have a dedicated ‘Family Room’ in full view of the Sanctuary, where parents of very young children can sit and listen to the Service while their kids play. And there are lots of books and toys for active little ones.

A congregation that has been around for 72 years has cycled through many generations and eras. We’ve seen decades of active religious education and programs for children, led by professional staff. At other times, and this is one of them, our most recent generation of children has grown up, yet to be replaced by another. 

Dress Code. At our building, and on Zoom, ours is a very relaxed, informal environment, with a dress code to match. It's Laguna Beach!

Accessibility & Parking. Our building and restrooms are fully accessible to all. When we’re able to gather again in person, you’ll find ample parking in our North Laguna residential neighborhood, with accessible parking spaces in front of and behind the building. Here on the website, you can access Google maps for our location and directions. And, of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email us on the Contact Us page.