"If you hunger for spirituality without dogma...

... if you long to put yourself to work healing a suffering world… if you want a faith community that helps you deepen into life's questions, even when there are no final answers… Unitarian Universalism may be your religious home."        ~ Rev. Kathleen McTigue

Welcome to The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Laguna Beach!

Within the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), a ‘fellowship’ is usually a smaller congregation, or one with a more informal type of congregational organization.


Chartered in 1948, UUFLB is the second oldest UU fellowship in California. This year, we proudly celebrate our 75th year as a Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.


Over the years, we often met in each others' homes, or in other venues in the Laguna community, always with the hope of finding a permanent space. That dream came true in 1973, when we bought the home you know on Cypress Drive. Twelve years later, in 1988, we freed ourselves from the building mortgage. And, fourteen years after that, in 2002, we hired our first full-time minister.


We continue to offer not only Sunday worship, but also a forum for discussing justice issues of concern to the broader community; small group opportunities, and social time with like-minded folk.


Our membership has always been a force for open mindedness in Laguna Beach and surrounding areas, and our greatest strength has always been our diversity in thought and acceptance of all people. 

Mission Statement

At UUFLB, we strive to be a dynamic and growing fellowship, diverse in age, ethnicity, and perspective; to provide for the spiritual, intellectual, and social needs of the congregation; and to contribute to the needs of the community and the world in accordance with Unitarian Universalist principles.

Rent our Building

Our building is located in a lovely North Laguna neighborhood, making it a special place for family and community events. We're happy to answer your questions here Building Rentals